"Customers are not just clients, they are people first". This philosophy forms the bulwark of Aparna's genesis, vision and growth.

"We can be the company that builds houses and buildings or, we can create meaningful communal spaces for people to live holistically. We would rather do the latter" was what the founders had decided, and that has been the driving force ever since. This was strengthened with experience, skills and necessary qualifications to form the hallmark of Team Aparna.

Our Board of Directors comprises:

Mr. S. S. Reddy - Managing Director
At a youthful 45 years, Mr. S.S. Reddy has already blazed quite a trail as a pioneer in real estate development as well as in ceramic tile trading. Educated as a Commerce graduate, Mr. Reddy built his skills from the grassroot level, and today stands tall with over two decades of experience in this industry. He is responsible for the overall management of the company..

Mr. C.V. Reddy - Whole Time Director
Mr. C.V. Reddy wears many hats and juggles multiple responsibilities. With more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate, Finance, Trading and Building activities, he plays a pivotal role in Aparna's success story. His pragmatism stems from his background as a science graduate and makes him wiser beyond his 45 years.

Mr. D.S. Prasad - Director
His watchword is professionalism. He brings it to bear upon every task he oversees, with the zeal built and experience gathered in the 25 years of his career as a management professional. At 50 years of age, Mr. Prasad's enthusiasm permeates through every aspect of his responsibility, be it Marketing, HR or Corporate Management at Aparna.

Mr. B.V.Srinivasa Reddy - Executive Director
In an "unorganized" industry, Aparna prides itself on being open, transparent and honest. These characteristics are perfectly embodied in Mr. Srinivasa Reddy, who looks after Aparna's liaison and legal matters. As with the other directors, Mr. Srinivasa is also a young 45 years, a highly-qualified attorney, and brings to the table over two decades of experience.