10 Rental Property Red Flags You Should Never Ignore.

Planning to move into a new home?


House hunting can be fun and tedious at the same time. The experience of scheming through different properties and imagining if this home is ‘the one’ for you can be fulfilling. While renting properties it is easy to dismiss the idea that there can be certain deal breakers, which may make it inconvenient to move into a home. But, it is important to consider every facet and look out for the red flags before finalizing on a rental home.


With that in mind, let us begin our list of red flags:


  1. Horrible school district:

If your home is right in the middle of a bad school district, it is definitely a red flag. If you already have a family or are planning to start one; keep this point in mind. Mostly densely populated urban areas have bad schools in the locality as they prefer to send their children to international schools.


  1. Sorry, no convenience stores:

Look for a rental property which is close to all the basic amenities such as grocery stores, hospitals, ATMs, restaurants and banks. In the event that any of these basic amenities are missing, run away in the opposite direction.


  1. Low on space, are we? :

If you are looking for a cozy home then it is a different aspect. But, always look for a home which has ample space. It can seem a like a minor point but once you move in and try to set up your space it may not be enough. This can turn into a nightmare. There will not be any space for any renovation or to change your existing setup.


  1. Safe or not:

Before finalizing a rental home check if the area is crime free. No one likes to live in the middle of a proverbial war zone. Safety is paramount, especially for families with kids. Safe areas go hand-in-hand with great school districts.


  1. Environmental issues:

Avoid living in an area which has any sort of environmental issues such as a toxic waste dump or open drains. This issue screams move on.


  1. Fragmented kitchen! :

Any rental property which boasts a tiny kitchen may not be an ideal place to rent. Tiny kitchens can lead to storage issues and can become endlessly frustrating.


  1. Awkward layouts:

Make sure that the rented property has a decent layout so that air and sunlight can come in. Damp and dark rooms are a big no.


  1. Not enough storage space:

When rental homes have no storage space, it is a negative cesspool for all potential tenants. Storage space is a requisite and can add value to any home in terms of rent.


  1. No Maintenance, no rent:

Look for signs of deferred maintenance. The house is the reflection of your landlord. Make it a point to search for broken fixtures and peeling paint. Get it repaired and painted before moving into the house. Negotiate your rent based on this factor.


  1. Shady neighbors:

While it is not the most significant deal breaker; but no one wants creepy neighbors. Look for signs such as overflowing trash, low maintenance, personal belongings stacked here and there. It may be time to look for some other property.


While it is essential to understand that there is no killer deal, but red flags or issues which may make it difficult for you to stay in a rented property. So watch out for these and find an awesome house to live in.

Last updated on March 1, 2018

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