5 Things to look for in a property for a family with the elderly

While buying a house is itself a huge decision, getting a property to live with elderly members is another ballgame and different factors come into play. Senior citizens have their own needs, which are polar opposite in comparison to the younger lot. This is why it is essential to be sensitive to their needs and take a decision accordingly.
Here’s a lowdown on the essential factors:


Opt for low-floor apartments

Make sure you opt for low-floor apartments, so that it’s easy for them to move around. This also does not make them dependent on stairs or the elevator, since with age, the strength in the body reduces considerably. Keeping their health status in mind, it is advised to go for these apartments. In case you live in an independent house that’s multi-storeyed, try and give them the ground floor to prevent them from exertion. This way, it’s easier for them to also step out for a stroll or socialise with neighbours.


 Bathroom size

This reason might have baffled you, but it is equally important! If the elderly member(s) in your family are on the wheelchair, the bathroom doorway needs to be at least 32 inches wide. Also, there’s needs to be enough space within the bathroom so that it’s easy for them to move around. Accordingly, more handholds need to be fitted, besides having a shower seating and slip-resistant flooring.


Privacy considerations

If you have a family that has children and elderly members living under the same roof, privacy considerations become significant. This is because both their needs are completely different. When you decide on a home, pay more attention to the placement of the rooms, so that everyone has their own privacy as and when required.


Ramp/walkaway construction

If the elderly member in your house is dependent on a wheelchair, you should opt for a complex that has a ramp or walkaway for their convenience. In case you don’t find that option, you will have to bear the additional cost of getting a ramp constructed.


Safety and health care considerations

The elderly members are most likely to be alone at home, when you and your spouse are at work. Make sure the apartment you choose is in a secure locality, so that safety isn’t a concern and they have peace of mind. Additionally, make sure your property is in close proximity to a health care centre, in case an emergency arises.

Buying a property for the elderly is not hard, but certain factors need to be kept in mind for them to have a comfortable life now, as well as in the future.


Last updated on October 9, 2018

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