9 minimalist interior decor ideas

If you feel minimalism is about restricting your creative freedom, then allow us to clear this ‘simple’ misconception. Minimalism is about creating a maximum impact with the bare minimum. Minimalist decor along with being clean and simple is also easy to manage.

To help you spruce up your space with just the ‘essentials’, we have compiled a list of 9 interior decor ideas that will weave magic in your homes.


1. Declutter

One of the first things to do whilst opting for a minimalist decor is to declutter. In order to declutter, you need to exclude the multiple things that are on display. Choose just the stuff that is needed and store away the rest in cabinets and cupboards.


2. Subtle colour palette

Do not restrict yourself with just white, experiment with the understated neutrals like the greys and other pastels. Even if you wish to go for a bright hue, make sure to stick with one that complements well with the neutral colour scheme.


3. Value of empty spaces

Empty space is one of the key elements in a minimalist decor. It helps to bring out the objects more clearly while defining its features. Get rid of the unnecessary and enjoy ‘less is more’.


4. Just accent it

When you decorate your home, the rule is to not go overboard. Focus on accentuating one piece of art or decorating element instead of using too many small pieces. Bold accessories used in proportion can change the complete look of the room.


5. Welcome the light

When it comes to minimalist decor, windows can literally be your best friend. Allowing the natural light to filter through the window panes helps to amplify the space as well as make your home look livelier.


6. Standout functional furniture

Try and find one standout piece of furniture and let it create a statement in your living room. You can develop your decor around it by either adding lamps, plants or supporting a piece of art.


7. Simple, beautiful objects

There is beauty in simplicity and it definitely stands true in interior decor. Try and find simple objects that do not just balance but bring a sophisticated class to your home.


8. The textural play

Nervous that your house is getting to sober? Don’t worry, break the monotony with textures. Try and play with textures, either by adding it on the walls or by including it through textile. Go as imaginative as you can, the limit is only in your mind.


9. Enjoy the view

If you have a home with a view, let the beauty of the view be the only focal point of interest in your home. It is the only minimalist element that enhances itself. Incorporate these easy to fuse minimalist ideas and enjoy simplicity in your homes as well as your lives.

Last updated on April 10, 2018

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