Amazing Benefits of Green Buildings

Green buildings utilise various methods to maintain standards such as integrating alternative energy sources like solar panels, high-efficiency light fixtures and natural light and incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly building materials into the design. While the standards for green buildings vary from country to country, they all share features which include energy efficiency, less water usage, better indoor air quality, improved acoustics and green roof systems.

As governments, developers and homebuyers shift their focus towards environmental responsibility, the number of green buildings is on the rise. It is clear that green buildings provide benefits to all stakeholders. Some municipalities are even incentivising green buildings by offering grants, tax exemptions, local rebates and other incentives.

Importantly, the amazing benefits of green buildings are not just limited to improving the environment. The savings generated in energy, water, maintenance, operations, and healthcare can offer short and long-term investment returns. This can maximize both economic and environmental performance of the building.


Reduction In Costs

Installing solar panels can save a considerable amount of energy cost every month. Replacing traditional light bulbs with LED and CFL, and integrating energy-saving fixtures will also lower the electricity bill. Optimising energy and water resources will not only decrease the use of natural resources but will also decrease your water and electric bills.


Adding Value

Investing in green design will significantly increase the overall value of the property. Green buildings use sustainable materials that have low impact on the environment. Solar panels and water-conservation features will increase the value of your home. Green buildings are always in demand for their sustainable components that lower maintenance costs. This is an important aspect that attracts potential buyers.


Natural Light & Fresh Air

A green building is designed in such a way that natural light and fresh air are in abundance. Installing large windows, creating wide verandas, building air channels for better air circulation and using thermally conductive materials will lessen the requirement for non-natural light and ventilation. These features will make the area look more spacious too.


Increased Durability

Green buildings are built with recycled materials, which last five times longer than traditional building materials. The increased durability of the building increases its longevity and can save maintenance costs in the long run.


Increased Productivity

With clean air to breath, natural light flowing in, and energy resources being put to good use, occupants of green buildings can put more focus on the tasks at hand and be more productive.


Smaller Carbon Footprint

A smaller carbon footprint has less negative impact on the environment. A green building will keep the environment clean by producing less waste and reducing the release of harmful gases.



Last updated on June 16, 2019

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