Apartments in Shaikpet where you can live life king size

When it comes to apartments, people always look for a place that is an integration of both class and convenience. A city that offers a good apartment community with maximum amenities, and on the flip side, is situated in a way that cuts the distance from home to office short, is considered pure gold.


Why apartments are such a rave in today’s generation?

Simple. They’re convenient and come fully equipped. What more is that, engineers always come up with a new and improved iteration of these apartments. These thoughtful iterations are specifically engineered keeping today’s generation in mind. Even if the apartment is not entirely how you envisioned, it still ends up falling close if not entirely within the parameters of what a person had in their mind. Nonetheless, apartments are considered to be a long term investment.

Hyderabad, a never static city, have well known constructing companies who build sensational gated communities where apartments are affordable, reasonable, and have interiors that are pleasing to the eyes.


The basic idea of these construction companies is to create a utopian society where technology and basic needs of life go hand in hand while integrating the nature in it too.


Aparna constructions, one of the most trusted builder of Hyderabad has been working toward achieving this goal and has actually built many apartments and gated communities.


For people who don’t want to isolate themselves completely from the city can check out the best apartments in Shaikpet that are on sale right now.


Aparna One – Live the royal way


Aparna Constructions has recently launched a project with the most luxurious apartments in Shaikpet, named Aparna One. Comprising the tallest residential towers of Hyderabad and a grand 65,000 sqft clubhouse, Aparna One is a class apart.


With luxury at its core, Aparna One is way ahead in terms of convenience and eco-friendliness. All the apartments come equipped with smart home technology that has been designed to make your life easier. And the amenities this complex has to offer are massage rooms, library, temperature controlled swimming pool, and all the essentials that are reserved for the elites of Hyderabad.


For kids, the schools are not even a mile away. Now get your kids to school without any panic of being late in the morning.


The things that sets Aparna One a notch above the rest doesn’t end here. It is also one of the few pre-certified platinum rated IGBC green buildings in the city. With sustainable features like solar panels, organic waste management, energy efficient lighting and plumbing, this community is a dream come true for people who care about the environment.


Aparna One is a set to bring the royalty of the yesteryears back, combined with technology of tomorrow to develop the most awe-inspiring apartments in Shaikpet. If you are looking at apartments in Shaikpet in search of your dream abode, you should definitely check it out. To know more, click here.



Last updated on April 7, 2019

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