Bring Nature In, Keep Synthetics Out!

As far as possible use natural materials to enhance the health and energy of the interior space. Your home will look great, smell better and be less toxic.


Choose Natural Materials

In order to amplify the natural theme, use granite, marble or limestone for kitchen counters. Choose natural-wood cabinetry, ranging from teak to walnut, to complete the space.

Include wood furniture in myriad styles. Add various accent pieces with twig details and log-constructed features to bring a natural look to space.

Finally, choose rugs in hemp or wool to anchor conversation areas, and create a warm and inviting natural look and feel to the entire home.


Choose Nature-Inspired Color

Incorporate nature-themed hues. Use moss green, sky blue, stone gray, sunshine yellow or berry red.

Paint walls a muted shade of any color found in nature, and add a small amount of gray to mute it. It will create a softer look, which is desirable in many decor styles.
Use upholstery in solid colours or tone-on-tone patterns to coordinate with the walls. Accentuate the decor with accessories in hues that reflect a natural environment.


Choose Natural Window Treatments

Use natural window coverings. Think of wood blinds to help give spaces privacy and light control at the same time.

Add natural linen shades to bedroom windows. Choose cotton panels for bathrooms for a light and airy look and provide an option that can be easily washed as well.

Choose live greenery.

Highlight the entire natural home-decorating scheme by including plants in the design. Place a large fern in a plant holder, and display it in a sunny bedroom window. Showcase a terrarium collection on a rustic dining room table for a nature-inspired decorative accent. Hang a potted, trailing money plant from a ceiling hook to accent a living room window.

Don’t forget to include potted herbs on a kitchen island for an accent that looks and smells fresh at the same time.



Choose Nature-Inspired Accessories

Accent with nature-themed accessories. Use woven baskets to store towels in a bathroom.

Add a tabletop fountain to a coffee table to bring the sounds of the outdoors into the interior as well.

Decorate a couch with throw pillows featuring natural motifs, such as leaves, flowers or trees, for a finishing decorative touch to the room.

Place a candle grouping on a heat-resistant display area, and surround them with pebbles or river rocks to add a natural, soft glow to the natural home decorating scheme.



“When you enter a space, listen to what the space tells you. The walls, the windows, the corners have something to say. You can’t change what that space wants to be.”

— LellaVignelli
“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

— Marie Kondo



“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”
— Juan Montoya


“Why move to a new place and replicate the one you left behind. Where is the fun in that?”

— Andrew Fisher

Last updated on August 1, 2017

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