Decor ideas to make your home summer ready!

The change of season demands a revamp in the decor. Whether it is bold, neutral or a mix of both, this summer, give your home a refreshing makeover with some easy to incorporate decor ideas. While adding a pop of colour, let us allow the summer vibes uplift your mood with the playful variety in your home.


Here are the 6 decor ideas for homes that will help you add a summery touch.


  • Include the Bohemian Look

Vibrant colours, patterns, and flowers (fresh and painted) can help to make your living room appear cheerful and bright. You can go as creative as you like, sometimes the brightest of hues make the best pairing.


  • Flowy curtains

Flowy curtains are a perfect addition if you have a nice spacious outdoor space in your home. Gauzy panels by the large balcony space or a pool (if you have the luxury) can help filter the sun rays while keeping the mosquitos at bay.


  • Map your walls

We know you are confused but just be patient to read it through. Framing a map is a perfect and unusual decor element to add to your plain walls. You can either choose to highlight your hometown or your favourite summer vacation spot, the choice is all yours.


  • Paint Dark Wood White

The idea behind painting your dark wood white or to some other pale colour is to invite maximum light into the room. Bright indoors are a plus not just for the pleasant aura but also for making the room look very spacious.


  • Paint your front door

Something unique and definitely worth a try, painting your front door accentuates the character of your home while giving a close reference to the interior decor. You can experiment with the colour of your choice and in case it doesn’t turn out good, you always have the option to switch back to the original.


  • Pillow power

Certainly, one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate your home, pillow shams can help bring some colour as well as texture to your space. Don’t be hesitant to mix and match, it is all fair in the summer decor!


Try out these easy to incorporate ideas and trust us you will definitely feel the difference.

We believe, it is high time you welcomed summer into your homes!

Last updated on May 3, 2018

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