Flats vs Villas vs Plots: How to know what’s right for you

Now that you’ve decided to invest in your dream house, the next thing that comes to mind is the best investment options to go for – flat, villa or plot? While the return on investment is a significant parameter, there are also other factors that come into play here. These include the upfront investment you need to make, resale value as well as some personal factors, including your marital status and employment.

Here’s a guide for you to analyse the best investment options and make the right investment choice:


Most people in India prefer to buy flats when it comes to buying their dream home. This is primarily because the number of options available are much larger than plots or villas. Besides, the initial investment required is lesser than the other two options. If you choose to stay in a gated apartment complex, you also get access to proper security as well as other amenities such as a clubhouse, kids play area, swimming pool and gymnasium. In case you opt for a villa or plot, you will have to incur additional costs.

You can also opt for flats close to your office and there are chances of finding options here, which is not as easy in the case of plots or villas. If you need maintenance services, you know it’s only a call away. Moreover, the risk of fraud is lower in the case of apartments.

Coming to the resale value, it completely depends on the location of your flat, its demand and supply as well as the current market trends. Factors such as infrastructure, accessibility as well as amenities play an important role in the demand.


Villas conjure up images of luxury and opulence every time you hear the word. They pack in benefits of both plots and flats, so one hand you get the opportunity to live in an independent house. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about its construction in case of a plot! There are also options available today in gated complexes, which means you get amenities as well as top-notch security as in the case of flats. The affluent class is ready to shell out that kind of money to get all the facilities under one roof, thus making villas one of the best investment options. The only drawback is that there are lesser units so that the complex doesn’t get too crowded.


In the case of plots, there’s a sense of pride to own an independent house where you can get things done according to your liking. Be it extra floors, different interiors or exteriors as per the trends or even decide to expand the space at a later stage – everything is possible. Besides, you will never face a space crunch and plots also come in handy considering soaring real estate prices.

There is a big downside though – with the current market scenario as well as the dynamics of demand supply, it is not easy to get a plot. There are multiple things involved even when you’ve got one – first of all, you need to be extremely financially well-to do. Secondly, you need to hire architects, get raw material, incur labour charges, as well as other additional costs. This makes it a tedious process and is extremely time-consuming. While the return on investment is high, the supply of plots is limited.  Also, buying a plot is a little risky, since there are several fake registrations and other such issues.

These are the best investment options, but they obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s better to analyse your preferences and then make the right choice!

Last updated on March 27, 2019

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