Tips for Green Buildings In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a dynamic city that offers its residents all aspects of luxury and convenience. For discerning residents who are interested in green buildings in Hyderabad, there are numerous Eco-friendly living options. The top real estate developers have made a green living in Hyderabad an essential aspect of their residential living space plans.


The recent trend in gated communities is being environmentally conscious of our daily actions at home including water, electricity and waste management. Today’s buyers look at whether a new construction has been Eco-certified. There are institutions such as Indian Green Building Council that recognize buildings that are in compliance with the international standards for environmental design. Green buildings achieve this by improving natural resource efficiency while reducing their own potential environmental impact. The primary focus is on green buildings and it goes hand in hand with the residents’ desire for a green space in the modern urban landscape. The end result is a higher quality of life for all residents.


All of us want to live in our dream home. Our home should ideally be a sanctuary of serenity where one can find ample sunlight, ventilation, and more importantly inner peace. Living closer to our workplace increasingly becoming need-of-the-hour and to live closer to nature for both mental and physical wellness. Numerous researches suggest that living in or near green spaces can help in overall longevity and quality of life. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice these in order to be closer to the city. The best builders in Hyderabad have taken these factors into consideration and are focused on providing housing spaces surrounded by greenery, peace and tranquility within the city limits in growing areas such as Nallangandla and Kompally. These gated communities make sure to include adequate open spaces, natural surroundings and environmentally friendly practices.


There is a strong movement among urban Indians to pursue a greener, healthier lifestyle. Aside from choosing an Eco-friendly gated community, there numerous green living for homes tips that will help you save money, make less waste and create a better living space for you and your family.


  • Eat local and organic food produce. By this you will not only eat fresher produce, you will also be supporting the local economy.
  • Have more plants at home. There are many indoor plants that can purify the air.
  • Segregate waste into two baskets. One organic, biodegradable waste like paper and leftover food; and the other being plastics, containers, foils, etc.
  • Pay your bills online. Not only does it save paper, but with the benefit of online reminders, it is also a great way to always be organized and never miss a payment.
  • Be active – walk, run or cycle to the locations nearby instead of taking your car out.
  • Take the Metro, bus or simply carpool. This also takes away the unnecessary stress of driving.
Last updated on June 14, 2018

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