Luxury Apartment Trends For 2018 & Beyond

Discerning buyers are always seeking homes that offer both convenience and luxury. Luxury apartment trends for 2018 continue to show that luxury homebuyers are looking for a mixture of unique style combined with the most cutting-edge amenities. Home buyers want things to be very special and individualistic.


Here are a few luxury apartment trends for 2018 and beyond.




Craftsmanship and materials play a significant role in ultra-luxury homes. A luxury home should integrate luxurious features so that it feels organic. This implies that it should reflect a sense of place as well as the promise to withstand a test of time.


Integrating exposed brick or stone and timber floors can evoke an apartment’s heritage. These can feature easily fit with modern amenities so the apartment meets contemporary standards of efficiency and comfort. When it comes to luxury homes, residents are deeply interested in using high-quality materials. Other items that can be part of the mix include custom light fittings, fine stone or porcelain and art pieces.



Simplicity and Elegance

The absence of fuss and worry is the ultimate amenity. The primary purpose of living in a luxury apartment is surrounding yourself with the utmost comfort and convenience. Not only do people want their homes to have a unique identity but also feel intuitive. Luxury apartment residents want their services and technology integrated seamlessly into the interior landscape.



Green Living

The recent trend in ultra-luxury urban apartments is living in a green building. Today’s buyers look at whether a new construction has been eco-certified. There are institutions such as Indian Green Building Council that recognize buildings that are in compliance with the international standards for environmental design.


Green buildings achieve this by improving natural resource efficiency while reducing their own potential environmental impact. Many luxury apartments are also introducing rooftop gardens including herb and organic gardens. The primary focus is on green living and it goes hand in hand with individuals’ desire for a green space in the modern urban landscape. The end result is a higher quality of life for all residents.



Energy Efficient Smart Lighting

The world is moving towards a more energy efficient form of lighting. LED is by far the cleanest and efficient type of solid-state lighting. The ‘Internet of Buildings’ involves increasingly connected and responsive systems that adapt to things like physical movements and body temperature so as to optimize comfort and efficiency. Biometric smart lighting recognizes the current weather conditions and has the ability to track wakefulness and sleep through the use of wearable devices. It is also possible to program a biometric illumination system to wake a person before sunrise or enhance sleep after a long workday.



Time-Saving Services

More time is the ultimate luxury. This concept has influenced luxury apartments to offer amenities and services that help residents make the most of their time. Modern amenities for luxury apartments include exercise facilities, business centres, crèches, and supermarkets. Importantly, support staff is readily available for home maintenance, security or any other issues that arise. A luxury apartment which values time is best for busy executives who wish to purchase a home that offers the ultimate in convenience and lifestyle.


Last updated on April 4, 2018

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