Nallagandla: Cutting Commute Short with Exceptional Connectivity

Hyderabad continues to grow as one of the most prominent and Major IT Hubs across the country. Along with this, a lot of new areas for real estate development are also opening up that not only offer great connectivity across the city, but are also serene, plush and meant for fine living. Main amongst such areas is Nallagandla. Located between Gachibowli and The BHEL Township, Nallagandla is gradually becoming the future of Hyderabad.


The Best Residential locality in Hyderabad because of its connectivity

Not long ago, Nallagandla was barely known in Hyderabad. However, with Hyderabad becoming one of the major IT bubs, Nallagandla rose to prominence because of its close proximity to the IT and Financial corridor. For all the techies working in Gachibowli and HITEC City, Nallagandla has now become one of the most sought after destinations.


Once the IT companies were established, the demand for housing sectors soared and Nallagandla caught everyone’s eyes. From being an under developed segment of the city to shooting up in the real estate localities, Nallagandla’s growth trajectory keeps growing. This also makes it one of the best opportunities to invest in real estate.


Nallagandla enjoys supreme connectivity across West Hyderabad

Nallagandla is located in such a way that it is highly accessible to major IT and financial companies. Not only that, the multiple transportation routes make commute to and from work easier.


Located between the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the Old Mumbai highway, it is also well-connected to the BHEL Township through the Lingampally station. The construction of the Tellapur highway is notching up the connectivity by making it easily accessible to commercial hubs in Chandanagar and Lingampally.


Social & Business Infrastructure

The close proximity to BHEL Township and Lingampally gives Nallagandla access to their supreme social infrastructure. Nallagandla is adorned with amenities such as wide roads, a clean and green surrounding and pollution-free atmosphere.


The construction of highways is making this area even more sought after. Not just that, Nallagandla is located close to multiple hospitals, schools, colleges, eateries. Supermarkets and entertainment options. The newly built infrastructure and its close proximity to IT Hubs makes it an extremely desirable location for IT executives and their families.


Nallagandla is the future of residence and investment

Close proximity to the growth corridors that allows easy commute to work, connectivity across Hyderabad, and a superior social infrastructure makes Nallagandla a premium destination that is fit for real estate investment. Since the IT HUB is expected to grow even more in the future, the value of houses in Nallagandla is expected to increase more in the future.


Nallagandla is the perfect housing destination for IT, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals employees. Further infrastructure improvement plans are also in the horizon including 13 growth corridors across the ORR. All these development makes Nallagandla an even more sought after destination since this will boost the prices too.


With its exceptional connectivity to major growth sectors in Hyderabad, Nallagandla is cutting commute to and from work extremely short and gradually taking over the real estate market in Hyderabad. Make a wise decision and invest in a home located in Nallagandla!

Last updated on October 12, 2018

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