North Hyderabad – One of the Fastest Growing Areas in Hyderabad

North Hyderabad, once a quiet part of India’s vibrant tech and pharma city, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. With a surge in infrastructure, IT sector growth, and real estate development in and around the area, it is rapidly becoming the new focal point of growth and opportunity in Hyderabad.

Rise in demand in residential spaces

IT and Biotech Hubs

  • Genome Valley 2.0
  • IT tower in Kandlakoya

North Hyderabad’s IT and biotech sectors are blossoming, with initiatives like Genome Valley 2.0, which includes hundreds of Biotech and Pharma companies, leading the way for employment opportunities and infrastructure development​​. This transformation positions North Hyderabad not just as a residential choice but as a hub for cutting-edge industry and innovation.

The construction of the tallest IT tower in Kandlakoya, which is expected to house 100 companies and create 50,000 jobs, also marks a significant shift towards IT and commercial growth in the region. Alongside, healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics companies are setting up base here, boosting employment opportunities like never before.

Infrastructure Growth

  • Metro connectivity
  • Upcoming Regional Ring Road
  • Booming commercial sector

Enhancements in road and metro connectivity, including the new regional ring road, are making North Hyderabad a popular place to live and invest because these infrastructural advancements are likely to cut down travel time to other parts of Hyderabad considerably.

The commercial sector, too, is booming, with large e-commerce companies establishing massive warehouses, contributing to the economic vibrancy of the area. This commercial surge is complemented by a parallel development in lifestyle amenities, including retail spaces, entertainment zones, and robust social infrastructure (modern educational and healthcare facilities​​).
Rise in demand in residential spaces
Due to the aforementioned factors, North Hyderabad is now a preferred location for home buyers. This trend is expected to continue with an increase in demand not just for living but also for investments. Aparna Synergy in Gandi Maisamma location is one such example of regional growth. The project, strategically located close to schools, offices, and hospitals, is one of the top real estate investment choices in North Hyderabad.

Those looking at ultra-luxury and sustainable living options can consider Aparna Greenscapes, which is a newly launched luxury apartment project in Kompally.

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North Hyderabad’s journey from a peripheral area to a central hub of growth and opportunity is a testament to strategic planning and vision. In this evolving landscape, projects like Aparna Synergy and Aparna Greenscapes are more than just gated communities; they are futuristic investment opportunities. As North Hyderabad continues to grow, these projects offer a chance to be part of this exciting and transformative journey.

Last updated on February 5, 2024

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