The Best Smart Amenities For Luxury Smart Homes

Smart homes are a smart investment. In fact, the smart home industry is booming. Homeowners and investors alike are searching for automated home features that are integrated into home design and bring convenience and efficiency to the living space. The availability of smart amenities is the deciding factor for many luxury home buyers. Here are the best smart home amenities that today’s luxury home buyers expect.



Smart Appliances


Smart appliances can be integrated into all areas of the home. Whether you are interested in a smart washing machine, smart refrigerator, or even a smart bathtub, these desires can now become a reality. In the bathroom, for example, a high-tech bathtub allows homeowners to draw baths to their preferred temperatures, showering systems can add music or light to bathing, and smart mirrors recognize commands to adjust lights and check daily calendars. Providing even more convenience, these features can be activated by voice, apps, or smart assistants like Google Home and Alexa.



Smart Lighting


With smart lighting technology, you can wake up in the morning with gradually increasing light or set a relaxed mood for dinner with muted tones. As one of the most common smart home features, high-tech smart lights are something you should look for in every luxury home.



Smart Temperature Control


Smart temperature control allows you to control the climate of your home with ease. Whether you would like to change the temperature with your voice or remotely with an app on your phone, this addition is practical for all homeowners. Importantly, smart temperature control can help you reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills.



Automated Blinds


When considering which smart amenities you would desire in a luxury home, be sure to consider motorized and automated blinds. This small home addition can have a large impact on your lifestyle. With simple voice commands or smartphone operation, you can easily open or close your shades from anywhere. Some automated blinds even run off solar-powered energy, so you can enjoy high-end features in an eco-friendly way.



Tech-Enabled Doorbells


Tech-enabled doorbells with video recognition are entering the smart home market. Similar to a home monitoring system, smart doorbells have the capacity to notify you when visitors or packages arrive at your doorstep, and they record live-stream security footage to keep your home safe. Depending on the type of doorbell your luxury home has, face recognition and two-way audio features can also be installed.

Last updated on April 24, 2019

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