Top 5 reasons why plots in Isnapur can be the perfect setting for your dream home

The last few years have witnessed a sea of change in realty in Hyderabad. The city has grown tremendously when it comes to real estate and there’s really no stopping. This is also largely due to the social and physical infrastructure, which is supplemented with employment opportunities, especially in the IT sector, improved health care, and education. Additionally, Hyderabad is attractive when it comes to competitive property rates, as compared to other cities.


Generally, an area is sought-after for investment, if there’s growth predicted in the long run. Telangana is among the fastest-growing states today and has proved beneficial for those looking to have a superior quality of life!


Getting a dream home is the biggest ambition almost every individual has in their lives. Most people face a dilemma when they decide to make that investment in real estate; it is about choosing a plot area over a gated apartment or vice-versa. In most cases, buying a plot area is a better investment option considering its high resale value as compared to other residential properties and among the high-growth areas in Hyderabad, Isnapur definitely takes a lead!


This locality is about thirty-one miles towards the north of Nizam’s city Hyderabad. It has around 20,000 inhabitants, covers about 10 square kilometres, and is on the path to rapid growth, making it a lucrative opportunity for investors.


Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons why open plots in Isnapur can be the perfect setting for your dream home:


The location is an asset, with Isnapur being located only an hour away from Secunderabad and Hyderabad. While the property rates are sky high in both the commercial hubs, getting an open plot here is a viable option. There are several smart city projects in the pipeline and it is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative standard of living. With the National Highway 65 directly connecting it to the city and Outer Ring Road making accessibility better to the airport, this one is a great deal.


Competitive rates:

While the rest of Hyderabad is reeling under the crisis of high realty rates, open plots in Isnapur are being offered at competitive rates. 


New Projects:

An increasing number of projects are coming up in Isnapur, which means there’s going to be a major inflow of people from various places here. Besides, there are already a lot of plots in Isnapur available for sale. This also means that there will be more employment opportunities around. Those who invest in plots here can also yield high returns on their investments later, with unprecedented growth predicted in this town!


Standard of living:

The plots available for sale in Isnapur offer you a great, clean environment with a pleasant climate. It’s got everything you need to live a perfect life!


Growth prospects:

In recent years, there has been a great start-up boom in the big cities across India. Since the towns and cities are expanding and people are looking at peaceful yet excellent standards of living, the start-ups can target a fresh set of community and bring metropolitan lifestyle to them and grow their business. Also, the government has approved 388km Regional Ring road from Sangareddy which just 20 km from Isnapur. This means more good news for those investing in Isnapur real estate!


Isnapur is the perfect location to invest in an open plot for your dream home. So, what are you waiting for? Invest now and reap rewards in the future!

Last updated on November 26, 2018

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