While buying or renting a house you not only have to scrutinize the property but also have to inspect as to how well-developed and equipped the locality is. Having reputed schools in the vicinity of your house is essential for your children’s overall health, bright future and safety. Since Nallagandla is one the real estate hot-spots in Hyderabad, let’s get to know the area better.


Here’s a list of the top schools in Nallagandla:


  • Globe tot’ers:

    If you have kids of the age range of 3 to 5 years, then a pre-school is what you’ll be looking for. Globe Tot’ers is a Birla pre-school that understand the impact that learning has on children’s during their formative years. The school inculcates love for nature and respect for diversity in the kids, apart from imparting regular education. The best part is that the school also has after-school activities and is just a 5 minutes’ drive away from Aparna Cyber Commune.


  • Epistemo Global Vikas Leadership School:

    At just a walking distance of 13 to 15 minutes from Aparna Cyber Commune, this school provides a perfect balance of CBSE and Cambridge University inspired curriculum that focuses on creative arts and sports as well, apart from academics. It’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a school that has all the classes from pre-primary to 10th standard in one campus.


  • Indus International Junior School:

    If your aim is to provide your child with international exposure and understanding from the onset itself, then Indus International Junior School is a valid option. It’s a kindergarten and pre-school equipped with an education system that strives to instil the virtues of leadership, community service and taking responsibility. It’s only 9 minutes away from Aparna Sarovar on foot.


  • Manthan International School:

    despite being sanctioned by the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE) to go ahead with an international syllabus, the school still leaves the choice in the hands of the parents of whether they’d like their children to study as per IGCSE or CBSE curriculum. Situated only 10-14 mins away by road from Aparna Cyber Life, the school enrols students from Nursery to class 12.


  • Esperanza:

    If you are or your wife is a working woman, you might need a pre-school that also provides the services of a daycare centre. Located at a distance of just a 6 minutes’ walk from Aparna Cyber Commune, Esperanza also renders childcare service even in the night along with infant (6 to 12 months) and toddler (13 months to 17 months) care services.


This comprehensive list only goes to show that Nallagandla is truly developing at a fast rate and is a very family-friendly area. To get the best of residential life at Nallagandla visit Aparna Constructions right now.

Last updated on May 30, 2018

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