A Vaastu-Designed Home For Your Joyful Life

Vaastu has grown to be an important factor in the real estate market when determining the purchases of residential projects. There is a fervent conviction that by adhering to the Vaastu Shastra guidelines for a home in harmony with global origin principles, the five components of nature will work together to remove obstacles and bring about financial happiness.

Make sure a home complies with all Vaastu Shastra regulations before making a purchase. Vaastu might be difficult to comprehend. Find out some Vaastu advice for homes by reading on. The advice provided below can assist you in comprehending the fundamentals of Vaastu, that when adhered to, make your residence a comfortable and joyful place to live.

Some of the Vaastu suggestions for a new residence:

  1. Plot shape: Prefer a rectangle, square, or quadrangular-shaped plot for greater optimism and hope.
  2. The main entry: Keeping the Vaastu for the entrance is crucial, and it is said to be fortunate if it faces east.
  3. Kitchen: According to Vaastu principles, the kitchen should be located in the South-East of the house.
  4. Dining Hall: According to Vaastu, the best place for the dining room in a home is on a corner next to the kitchen, facing either the southeast or northeast.
  5. Living Room: The living space that faces east is seen to be lucky. Additionally, there are many advantages to facing north.
  6. Pooja Room: The northeast corner is the ideal location for the pooja room. For this room, most individuals choose the ground floor.
  7. Study Room: A study room should be placed in the northeast corner of a house. It will create beneficial academic results.
  8. Restrooms: The west and south should be the directions in which restrooms are positioned. The drain ought to move toward the northeast.

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Last updated on August 24, 2022

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