July 20, 2021

Achieving growth acceleration in Real Estate through Upskilling

Mr. Rakesh Reddy, Director, For The Economic Times

“The need for operational efficiency and digital transformation can no longer be taken for granted.” There was a noticeable slowdown observed in the Real Estate Market due to the pandemic. While the sector has been on its path of recovery, it is crucial to ensure this is done efficiently. Quicker recovery of the Real Estate Sector would mean a better recovery of the economy as the growth of the sector has a multiplier effect on the growth of the entire economy. Every challenge the real estate sector overcomes impacts over a billion people.

Upskilling the current workforce will be the key to overcoming the challenges faced by the real estate sector today. Being a pivotal point of regaining the previous growth trajectory, it is an opportune time for the previous industry practices to be reassessed as well as for introduction of newer systems and practices into the sector. Incorporating technological inventions like Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to all traditional fixtures of the sector like ERP, Project Management and Customer Service will enable higher efficiency in operations.

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