February 18, 2019

Can the General Elections of 2019 influence the Realty Sector of India?

Rakesh Reddy, for, 99 acres

With the General Elections coming up in April 2019, the country’s economy and the real estate sector is bound to experience a few disruptions. Roadblocks such as a slowdown in construction of infrastructure, reduction in property prices, a decrease in the demand for property etc. can be anticipated.


The most significant of all is the liquidity crisis, in which political investors who park their funds in real estate, drain the money out for electoral campaigns and promotions. While these seem to be short term disruptions, only time can tell how will Elections 2019 impact the Realty Sector this time round.


Our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy shares his views on this in an article with Click on the link to read the article: