June 15, 2020

Community Living- The New Trend Among Home Buyers.

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For RealtyNXT

Gated Communities are the new emerging trend in the realty sector because they come with the many advantages that home buyers are on the look out for. In a recent conversation with Realty NXT magazine, our Director, Mr Rakesh Reddy talks about the same. Here are a few interesting details for you:


Convenience and Holistic-Living

One of the biggest reasons for community living to trend these days are the benefits and value for money, availability of amenities such as gym, swimming pool, play areas etc. Moreover, gated societies come with assured security which is essential to home buyers with families.


Strategic Choice of Locations

Usually, builders choose strategic locations for gated-communities, with close proximity and connectivity to large office spaces, schools, shopping complexes etc. This cuts down on commuting expenses, time and makes living convenient for the home buyers.


The Growing Trend of Sustainable Homes

Everyone has become aware of the importance of preserving energy and resources. Which is why home-buyers prefer gated communities that provide solar panels, rainwater harvesting, waste management and high-efficiency lighting for sustainable living.


To find out more interesting details on why gated communities are the new residential trend, read the full article by Realty NXT magazine here: