April 20, 2020

Coping with the sector’s slowdown amidst the lockdown.

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Zricks

The Residential Real-Estate Sector has witnessed a significant impact due to the ongoing pandemic, however, the conditions have not been too bad. As the sector takes measures to tackle all the odds, our Director, Mr. Rakesh Reddy, along with a few other experts from the sector share their insights on the same in an in-depth discussion with Zricks. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Containing the spread of the virus needs strict measures from the Government, which includes the extended period of the lockdown. Until now, there has not been any major slowdown in the sector, but the duration of the lockdown will define how the growth of the sector is affected.
  • Builders are providing all necessary requirements to sustain the basic needs of those at their projects, along with continuous education on how to stop the spread of the disease, and enforcing cleanliness.
  • Extra medical care is provided to the workers to ensure their health and safety. To deal with the current situation, there is an expected digital transformation to make work and training workers easier.

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