June 11, 2020

Digital Transformation unfolds a new chapter for the Realty Sector

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Express computer magazine

It’s time to keep up with the upcoming digital trends and provide home buyers with the best and latest technologies for a better and holistic living. Aparna Constructions has been doing so, which was discussed by our Director, Mr. Rakesh Reddy in a conversation with Express Computer Magazine. Here are a few things you must know:


Digital Initiatives taken by Aparna Constructions:

The recent projects by Aparna are high-rise buildings, which require efficient structural planning, managing resources and cost. The use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system keeps the workflow steady. Also, the use of technologies such as voice and physical commands in our projects provides home buyers with smart homes and a better lifestyle.


To read more about how the Aparna Constructions is transforming digitally for your better living experience, read the full article below


Transforming Business with IT:

Aparna has a large IT infrastructure to accommodate the multiple operations and ensure efficiency in vendor management and bid management processes. To enhance planning, strategy selection and contract management, Aparna Constructions uses automation tools. This helps increase the number of bidders, hence widens the pool of suppliers.

Leveraging emerging technology trends: Aparna Constructions relies on the use of big data and analytics to understand the market sentiment and plan further accordingly. Further, big data is being used in planning projects too, such as while designing the projects and using energy modelling tools that make projects eco-friendly.

Benefitting Consumers with Digital Technology:

Digital Media has become the new platform where Aparna reaches out to potential home-buyers using data analytics, and then designs digital marketing initiatives. Our website provides all the data home buyers seek, and makes use of 3D modeling and other digital media methods to give insights of our projects.


Overcoming the odds of the pandemic:

The lockdown had made physical interactions and coordination impossible, forcing the sector to adapt to digital ways of communicating and working. To keep the daily operations running, Aparna has done the same and ensured the health of all the employees by embracing the digital transformation.