October 14, 2021

Emerging portfolios in Residential Real Estate

Mr. Rakesh Reddy, Director, For Construction Week Online

The post covid world has and is constantly witnessing changes in patterns of how home buyers have been looking at investing in Residential Real Estate. Since working from home has now begun to look like the new norm, more and more focus is being placed on the kinds of homes, buyers are looking for. Gated communities with abundant amenities are a hot favorite amongst buyers today. Even the preferred architectural patterns of homes and communities are changing, because buyers are looking for homes where they can set up an indoor office and take time off in serenity and greenery, after the redundant work from home day. The hustle bustle of the city is something buyers are willing to get farther away from.


Record low home loan interest rates and added benefits provided by the Government are also encouraging people to invest in luxury as well as affordable residential real estate.


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