May 25, 2019

Government must bolster the Realty Sector to ensure economic strength

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Financial Express

In the recent past, many policy reforms and implementations have worked in favour of the Realty Sector and helped boost sales as a result of restored consumer faith. Now that the momentum is set, the Government must continue to focus on the development of the Real Estate Market, as it contributes to the strengthening of the Indian economy.

On the forefront of our expectation from the Government is the granting of industry status to the entire Realty Sector. The industry status will allow financing to be available to the builder at lower interest rates. As a result, projects will become more affordable for buyers.

In an article published by the Financial Express, Our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy has elaborated on what the Realty Sector expects from the new Government. Read the complete article here: