April 1, 2019

GST Act 2017 and its impact according to Our Director – Mr. Rakesh Reddy.

Rakesh Reddy, for Silicon India magazine,

The Goods and Services Tax was introduced in 2017 to replace a complex and multi-layered system of taxation. The introduction of GST was expected to improve compliance in the real estate sector.


It brought about a change in the way customers thought about buying property. Earlier there were multiple taxes that differed from state to state, making purchases complex and customers apprehensive.


The GST council met for the 34th time and brought about a change in the structure for GST on the different segments of the real estate sector. This restructuring has been appreciated by the sector and they expect a boost in demand for plots and under-constructed properties.


Our Director authored an article for Silicon India Magazine on how GST was introduced and what was its impact on the Real Estate Sector. Download the PDF Doc to read the entire articlecovered by the Silicon India Magazine.