February 10, 2020

How can construction be made more cost-effective?

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Construction week magazine

Construction Sectors have faced huge issues due to resource management. Our Director, Mr. Rakesh Reddy shares his views on how recyclable material like steel can prove to be cost-effective, in a recent conversation with the Construction Week Magazine. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Steel being a relatively cheaper and recyclable resource than it’s counterparts can result in boosting the savings.
  • There can be steps taken to tackle the inefficiencies caused during the steel vendor management and procurement processes. This helps in increasing the efficiency and decreasing the risk.
  • The usage of automation in the steel procurement procedure as the cost of steel keeps fluctuating constantly. This helps manage the aggregation and the incoming data.

To know more about how Steel Management can help with the cost-effective issues, read the full article here: