November 3, 2020

How has the Realty Sector managed to stay afloat through the pandemic?

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For ET HR World

With the onset of the pandemic and the country put under lockdown, the Real Estate Industry had to shift the formal workforce to working from home. What it also had to do was enable the blue-collar workforce to operate in the new norm of social distancing, which was difficult given the nature of work required on site.

According to our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy, here’s what enabled real estate players to deal with the pandemic and keep the industry in momentum with nominal setbacks:

1. Most builders were ahead of the digital curve, had the infrastructure and access to work from home.
2. Companies empowered employees to be agile and creative.
3. Human resources with niche skills.
4. Organisations up-skilled and re-skilled employees to save the day.
5. They reimagined the on-site work.
6. Companies ensured employee morale management.
7. Organisations having quick contingency plans.

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