March 9, 2020

Generators: Solution to India’s Power Shortage

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Construction week magazine

As power cuts are one of the most common problems across all the major cities in India, the residential builders are taking measures to provide power back up in their projects. Our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy, along with many more experts in the sectors give us some useful insights on the same in recent coverage by The Construction Week magazine.
  • Using Cell Generators: Mr. Rakesh Reddy points out how using cell generators is preferred over the natural gas generators because they perform relatively better and are more robust. Hence, the cell generators are more efficient and frequently used by the builders at construction sites.
  • The efficiency with using Diesel Generators: He further mentions that due to the lower price of diesel, Generators that run on it can be useful as they help builders save up lots of money on projects. Apart from being budget-friendly, there are many other reasons why builders prefer diesel generators, such as:
– Fuel efficiency
– Higher reliability
– Quick turnaround time for repairs
– Ease of fuel availability
– Better performance
– Noise and environment friendly
To know more details about what these experts have to say on power outage solutions, click here for the full article: