April 13, 2020

Hyderabad Realty Sector’s key to growth

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Commercial Design magazine

To talk about the recent growth of Hyderabad’s real-estate sector, our director Mr. Rakesh Reddy joined a discussion with Commercial Design Magazine along with many other experts from the sector. His observations included some key factors that helped the realty sector develop such as:

  • Development in commercial real-estate: Hyderabad has been competing very closely with Bangalore in the terms of commercial development. 2019 had seen a huge leap of growth in the city, which called in for the demand of more office spaces, giving an opportunity for the realty sector to grow.
  • Boost in development due to Government policies: One of the main reasons that caused the rise in commercial development was the initiatives taken by the Government such as Make in India, RERA, REIT, etc. The IT field has contributed hugely to the growth as more companies are expanding in the city.
  • City’s Development strategy and government’s initiatives: Hyderabad’s development strategy has opened up opportunities of growth to many other sectors like IT, Aerospace, Medical, Financial Services etc. Moreover, the government has initiated the development of infrastructure and connectivity in the city to meet the requirements of the migrating population.

Hyderabad is expected to flourish in the coming time based on the recent hike in development. To know more on the same, read the full article here: