May 26, 2020

RBI’s attempt to boost liquidity in the Realty Sector

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For 99 Acres and Zricks

The Global Pandemic has led to an Economic Slowdown in the country, which has also affected The Real-Estate Residential Sector. However, some recent measures taken by the Reserve Bank of India will help the sector face these challenging times. This includes fresh Repo Rate Cuts by 40 basis points and 75 points cut by the Central Bank as well. Our Director, Mr. Rakesh Reddy talks about the same with Zricks and 99 Acres, and here are a few takeaways for you:

Ease in Short-Term Financial Burden:

The ongoing slowdown has put financial stress on in Indian households, which directly impacts the demand for residential projects. But by easing loan policies, families are relieved from their financial issues, which will increase the number of homebuyers too.

Improvement in the Functioning of Markets:

The measures taken by RBI focus on improving the functioning of markets, increase investments by FPIs by, and allow extension of measures to ease the financial stress on the builders as well, which will help the sector overcome the challenges of this slowdown.

Boost in the Market Sentiment:

The market sentiment plays a huge role in the demand from homebuyers and the growth of the sector. These policies have eased the burden on the builders and home buyers which will boost the sentiment of people and drive more demand for residential projects.

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