August 31, 2021

Real Estate Sector’s multifaceted contribution to the Indian Economy

Mr. Rakesh Reddy, Director, For 99 Acres

Various factors have contributed towards shaping the upward growth and recovery of Real Estate in the latter half of 2021. Recent trends like lower home loan interest rates, discounts on stamp duty charges, greater availability of ready-to-move inventory, and long-term shift towards remote working are the major factors that have been shaping the Real Estate Sector in 2021.

Owing to the estimation that the urban population will double in the next 30 years, there has been a rising demand for real estate investments in both renting as well as buying. To ease this process, the Model Tenancy Act has been introduced which will make rent laws more transparent and equitable. With an effective regulatory framework, both owners and tenants will be able to voice their concerns in a systematic manner.

Other aspects including wider financing options and the trend of remote working has played a role in pushing the Indian economy. Read more in the 99 Acres article featuring our Director, Mr. Rakesh Reddy.