February 23, 2021

Recent Policies and Reforms to Positively Impact Realty Growth

Rakesh Reddy, Director, For 99 Acres

The growth graph of Telangana’s Realty Sector boasts of proactive governance, business-friendly policies, and economic stability. This also makes Hyderabad, one of the most attractive real estate development destinations.


In late 2019, the Telangana government launched TS-bPass, an integrated online portal for further streamlining the approval process. This initiative ensures that building permissions, including clearance for fire services, electricity, traffic and planning departments, are processed more quickly, resulting in reduced construction costs, thereby reducing overall property costs. It also holds officials accountable, thus making the process more transparent.


In Mr. Reddy’s Opinion, the most recent construction and development-centric policies are set to aid the real estate industry here to make a running start towards charting positive numbers in 2021.


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