August 7, 2020

Technologies that help the sector grow big.

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For Construction week magazine

In this new age of technology, all businesses and sectors must keep up with the latest tools to stay ahead in the game. The realty sector has been doing the same by embracing new technologies to help it grow further. Our Director, Mr Rakesh Reddy talks about them in a recent discussion with The Construction Magazine. Here are a few important takeaways:


Augmented And Virtual Reality To Take Over Construction:

Planning and constructing is a crucial phase to make outstanding residential projects. This whole process can be upgraded with the use of AR/VR that will help visualise ideas and make planning and modeling more efficient. AR/VR will be a game changer for construction modeling.


Enforcing Digital Transformation:

The social distancing measures had forced big corporates and businesses to embrace the digital era, including the realty sector too. By creating virtual workspaces, coordinating and collaborating has become much more efficient and fast, that will directly impact the growth of builders and the sector too.


Mivan Technology To Improve Quality Of Speed:

Apart from the upcoming Digital Technologies, there are some improvements in the on-ground side of the sector too. The Mivan Technology provides extruded aluminium rail sections welded into sheets, making them lightweight and increasing durability. This will help improve the quality of speed on construction projects.


To find out more how technology will help the realty sector grow, read the full article by The Construction Week Magazine here: