August 13, 2021

The impact of new projects on the revival of Real Estate

Mr. Rakesh Reddy, Director, For 99 Acres

The strong policy initiatives combined with the well-developed infrastructure in Hyderabad allows for continuous expansion of the city, as well as within the city. With newer developers as well as newer projects by established developers entering the market, there is a wider choice being presented to the market buyers. The influx of a large wave of recent graduates joining the workforce, while mostly working from home has meant an expansion of the market as well as a higher purchasing power of the buyers. This has meant a mutually beneficial situation for the developers of newer properties as well as for the financially informed buyer.

A large appeal factor for home buyers and investors is that infrastructural development within the city is available at affordable offer prices of homes, without any compromise in quality. However, while lower property prices are always an incentive, homebuyers today also demand better facilities, such as modern amenities, open spaces, connectivity, and social infrastructure. Even so, the demand for premium properties from reputed buyers is still on a rise today.

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