March 1, 2023

The Mighty & Resilient India’s Real Estate Sector

Mr Rakesh Reddy, Director , Featured Article on Construction World Magazine

Any thriving economy must have a thriving Real Estate Sector. When we examine any country’s growth trajectory, it is easy to see how real estate affects the whole economy. The global economy suffered as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The Indian real estate market held up well in the face of this catastrophe and recovered after the pandemic was finished. Investors are concerned, meanwhile, about recent events like the global housing crisis and big tech layoffs.


In an exclusive piece with Construction World Magazine, March 2023 Edition, our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy added, “Despite instances of global economic volatility, India’s Real Estate Sector has continuously demonstrated its resilience. While it is unfortunate that the IT Industry is facing financial headwinds leading to mass layoffs, this has so far been seen mostly in the developed markets. The domestic IT Market has been resilient with layoffs confined mostly to a few startups. This will not have a significant impact on the real estate sector in India.”


To know about the dynamics of the Real Estate Sector in India, the Impact Of Tech Layoffs, the aftermath of the COVID crisis, and what our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy thinks of it all, click on the link: