August 1, 2021

The next step in Real Estate: Plotted Developments

Mr. Rakesh Reddy, Director, For 99 Acres

Changing preferences in the purchase behaviour of consumers is closely linked to the changing lifestyles brought about by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Plots were always considered a good investment option for buyers, they were not always the first choice of home buyers. However, Plotted Developments are now critical to the revival of the Real Estate Market.

Due to changing lifestyles, buyers are heavily leaning towards spacious independent homes with private outdoor spaces and access to natural surroundings. Heavy emphasis on safety and health alongside access to essential services and additional amenities is being seen in the buyers. Plotted Developments are the ideal solution to these requirements.

Plotted developments, a growing trend in the real estate space, are areas of land that are put for sale for the construction of houses, villas and other housing options. They are usually planned as a part of a gated community. Plotted developments, especially from renowned developers are potentially the perfect match for buyers who are looking for investment friendly, appreciable assets at affordable prices and low-risk involvement.

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