October 15, 2018

On-Time Delivery: Easy to Promise. Hard to Guarantee.

Rakesh Reddy, The Property House Magazine,

How many times have we seen builders pushing delivery dates because something or the other prevented them from finishing up a project on time? Sometimes it can be a problem of materials, sometimes it can be acts of nature, sometimes it can be due to a change in policies, and so on.


While planning a project of grand scale and stature, it is understood that mishaps and delays will occur from time to time. No matter how many precautions you take to prevent them. Which is why at Aparna we always take all these factors into consideration before finalizing our date of delivery. Not only does this gives us buffer time, it also lets us run rigorous quality checks before handing over the keys to the customer. So that their first step into their dream home, is as close to perfection as possible.


Mr. Rakesh Reddy recently spoke to the Property House Magazine and discussed the logistic challenges along with a few other experts. Click on the link to know more.