December 26, 2018

A year in review and an eye on what’s next!

Rakesh Reddy, Director Aparna Constructions, For Roof and Floor

It is no secret that Hyderabad is India’s Most Promising Property Hotspot at the moment. With competitive prices, the influx of start-ups and IT giants, and developing infrastructure, it looks like the tomorrows are even brighter. The past year has been a successful year for the market even after new laws and reforms were introduced.


While other cities around the country are struggling to churn out profits, Hyderabad is coming out on top without breaking a sweat.


Things are looking up and as per predictions, it is only going to get better in 2019. More investment from the business sector is expected since the elections have ensured stability for the next four years.


Our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy spoke to Roof and Floor where his expressed his views on the year has gone by and the upcoming one. Click the link to read.