June 4, 2022

What’s Causing The Demand For Green Real Estate?

Mr Rakesh Reddy, Director , Featured Article on 99 Acres

From the inception of the pandemic, humanity’s bond with nature has grown stronger. The integration of natural resources with housing has been evolving at a great pace. It is clear that Green Real Estate has created new benchmarks for the construction sector. In the aftermath of the pandemic, a top priority of the Real Estate sector is to develop sustainable buildings while maintaining the comfort and welfare of the residents. Green buildings consider the health, safety, durability, liveability, and accessibility of all residents.

The geographies of work have altered to a great extent in the pandemic. The increasing preference for remote working facilities has influenced sustainable building design. As people are now spending more time at home, developers are increasingly prioritizing ventilation and natural lighting and are utilizing eco-friendly materials. The cohesion of natural energy sources and the architectural design, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and waste management system. Green Real Estate aims to make it better for residents while also maintaining an ecological balance in the longer run.

The global impact of the Real Estate sector means that the top priority is to create efficient and sustainable buildings. With the help of technology, developers are designing projects for optimum efficiency and resource allocation. Specialized modeling tools are being utilized to optimize a building’s layout, so energy efficiency, natural lighting, and ventilation are integrated into the design. This helps improve the operational efficiency of the buildings and also promotes the conservation of natural resources.

The systematic integration of nature and technology has given us the new derivatives of sustainable buildings. Most of the aspects we are aware of barely scratch the surface of this efficient phenomenon. The imminent growth and development that is directed in the footsteps of Green Real Estate are inevitable, and to know more about the intricacies of this, go ahead and read the in-depth story from our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy by clicking on the link below: