February 26, 2019

Why is Hyderabad becoming the investment hub for NRIs?

Rakesh Reddy, for 99 Acres,

India is home to one of the most fastest growing Realty Sectors and its resistance to recessions makes it an even more preferable and lucrative destination to invest in. With Hyderabad posing as the Global IT Hub and the Government investing in the city’s infrastructure & modes of transportation, it is the most ideal city to invest in, to be able to capitalize better on it.

Alongside all these developments, builders and realtors are laying special emphasis on constructing infrastructure, enriched with all kinds of amenities and facilities, that stands at par with any other luxury property to attract more foreign investors, including NRIs.

Our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy shared his views on Hyderabad’s growing popularity amongst NRI investors, in an article with Read the article to know more: