June 9, 2020

Will the Realty Sector be able to bounce back to normalcy?

Rakesh Reddy, Director, Aparna Constructions, For The Hans India

The ongoing pandemic has definitely taken a toll on Real Estate, one of India’s Major Economy Boosters. However, Its resilience is something to be commended.

In a recent interview our Director Mr. Rakesh Reddy states that the input costs have gone up making it unlikely for the prices to fall. He also mentions that Aparna’s sales have already reached 60-65% of pre-COVID level. The biggest and only concern is labour shortage for Real Estate Projects now. But he also goes on to state that this issue will also be resolved by the 2nd week of July.

“No. There will not be any slowdown in the Hyderabad Real Estate Market. It will be back on track within three months,” He said. Despite the COVID – 19 crisis, there are many factors that have worked in the favour of Hyderabad Real Estate Market. A few being:

  • The city has the lowest inventory among other metro cities.
  • Customers will have to choose from the limited stock available.
  • It is unlikely that new projects will be launched anytime soon, making sales easier for those with the ready inventory.

Read the entire interview and know more about this by clicking on the link given below.