Sacred Room Tips For A Better Home

After a long, stressful day at work, it might be challenging to find some quiet time for oneself because of the conversation of family members, children’s lively banter, and the constant beeping of apps on your smartphone. Religious celebrations and sacred sites in India have historically drawn hordes of tourists seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of life. In most Indian homes, a mandir or prayer room is dedicated to the family’s patron god and decorated with garlands and lamps. While some incorporate it into an already-existing room, the piousness is increasingly choosing to provide the divine with their room. 


Here are some guidelines for making sacred space, regardless of the motivations behind your desire to reconnect with your inner self:

Privacy: Prayer rooms must be silent, so pick a place with few outside interruptions. Examine your family’s needs for space during holidays and religious gatherings.  If you don’t have a dedicated space, wooden blinds, string shutters, and shoji screens all work well as partitions. 


Flooring: To maintain a calm and meditative atmosphere, the room’s plush carpeting softens noises. Place a thick rug in your prayer area if you are unable to carpet the entire space. If you regularly kneel or sit on the floor for prayer, make the area more comfortable by placing ground pillows and yoga mats.


Fragrance: Fragrances can instantly relax the mind. Lighting some fragrant candles, incense, or aromatherapy oils will help everyone who enters the room feel more peaceful.


Plants: Having flowers and houseplants around can be reviving. The atmosphere of the space can be improved with flower vases, garlands, and even houseplants that are growing.


Given the holistic benefits of prayer and chanting, which include improved pulse rate, emotions and immunity boost, lower blood pressure, increased metabolism, and relaxation, among others, medical research demonstrates that people with a routine spiritual practice enjoy better health.


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Last updated on November 2, 2022

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