The Benefits of Furnished Vs Semi-Furnished Homes For Rent

Modern décor and interior design enhance a spacious home for rent. The rooms are turned into striking displays with luxurious decorating materials, contemporary artworks and elegant home furnishings. Luxurious interiors enriched with creative artworks and home furnishing ideas are always unique, rich and exclusive. 


The level of furnishing in the home determines its readiness to occupy and livability. Since these are not absolute labels, there are different degrees of furnishing even within the broader categories. 


An unfurnished home is perhaps the easiest to envision. These are empty housing units which need all internal specifications such as home appliances, electrical fittings, sanitary fixtures, drawers, furniture, fans, cabinets and lights. The advantage of this is the ability to customize the home to your exact preference. Although, this would require additional budget considerations as an unfurnished home is not livable. 


A semi-furnished home has basic fixtures such as lights, fans and loose furniture in the hall. These units would have basic woodwork, shelves and cupboards. These types of units are the most preferred as it offers a balance between immediate livability and capacity for customization.  


A furnished home comprises of complete cabinets, modular kitchen, shelves, cupboards, lights and fans. The capacity for customization is less but the home is ready to occupy without additional work. 


A fully-furnished home has all utilities and furniture in place. This includes fully fitted cabinets and woodwork, air-conditioners, geysers, refrigerator and complete furniture in all rooms such as beds, dining table and sofa. A fully-furnished home is ready to live in and allows you to enjoy the benefits of the amenities without having to purchase them separately. The disadvantage is that the home décor and furnishings are already in place which does not leave room for customization or personalization. 


From a rental perspective, furnished homes will cost more than unfurnished homes. In many cases, furnished home offer shorter lease agreements than unfurnished ones. This is because people seeking a furnished home are generally looking for temporary housing. The landlord needs to offset any costs of increased vacancies created by shorter lease lengths. The rent of a furnished home can be up to 40% higher than an unfurnished home. This also leads to a higher security deposit for fully furnished homes. This is to protect the landlord in covering the cost of replacing or repairing damaged furniture.

Last updated on October 23, 2021

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