Committed to Quality

We follow a strict policy to exercise the highest quality, not only in our projects but also in the services. We hold a reputation for quality in construction, transparent financial dealings and on-time delivery.

We have been sustaining absolute transparency that helped us attain a very happy customer base, helping us grow every year. We take great pride in creating homes that are attractively designed, expertly built and well-managed.

While rendering our construction services, we do our best to make nature and solace, an integral part of our business.


We commit ourselves to providing high quality construction

AFTER WE COMPLETE 600+ TESTS On Building Materials and 200+ Quality checks, WE LEAVE THE LAST ONE TO YOU. From the soil thoroughly tested for stability, ageless bricks to timeless walls, we create rock-solid homes!

Moreover, we use the highest quality tiles for flooring, zero defect Marble and Granite, 100% DAMPNESS PROOFING to offer you homes, with exquisite designs and superb finish!

Aparna upgrades the skills of construction workers on a continuous basis. Our training model has helped construction workers to learn while they earn. At all Aparna construction sites wastage is minimal, construction quality is high and customers are content. Our skilled workforce produces more with less.

All the Aparna properties go through a 3-Layer Testing on
Building materials, which includes

one logo  Test certificate from manufacturers

We are certified for all the raw material tests we endure

two logo  Third Party Tests on

Water (chemical Analysis)- High pressure testing of HDPE lines carried out for the entire water supply system

Steel (chemical Analysis)-- Tensile strength test, Elongation test, rolling margin test

Texture paints- Tests to ensure the paints are non toxic, non fading, non peeling, fine grain, smooth, crack-free texture, with great finish.

three logo  100+ In-House Tests

Soil Test
  • Soil thoroughly tested for stability
  • No sink holes, no loose soil
  • Built on solid foundation
  • Built to last
Concrete Test
  • Top of the line concrete blocks & bricks
  • Quality tested from raw material to finished products
  • Reduces cement mortar consumption
  • Durable, heat & chemical resistant
  • Gives a smoother finish to walls
Damp proofing
  • Damp proofing layer laid below all masonry walls, whether it is a load bearing wall or a partition
  • Ensuring damp proofing by adding materials to the concrete mix to make it impermeable
  • Polyethylene sheeting under a concrete slab to prevent concrete from gaining moisture through capillary action
Plywood Tests
  • Wood tested for grain and strength
  • Withstands extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Resistant to wood boring insects
Glass Testing
  • Reduced solar heat gain
  • High quality through vision
  • Resists high wind pressure
  • Reduced noise levels without sacrificing daylight
  • Provides passive protection from the effects of fire
Tests on Door Frame
  • Diagonal cracks are formed due to settlement, increased loads, and structural anomalies
  • To prevent cracks, we use diagonal mesh around the corners of doors and windows
  • Fill the gap between the wall and the door and window frames with PU foam
Granite & Marble Test
  • Checked thoroughly for compliance with standards before site installation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Prevent future defects
  • Prevent buildings from unsightly stains and defects

Finally, when your house is ready, we do 200+ quality checks before we hand it over to you.
Happy Living!