Intelligent Gated Communities

For 26 years, we've been leading the future of the Real Estate with our astonishing innovations and advances. We were the firstmovers to explore and implement many new avenues in the city.

Our vision for the future is to safeguard our environment and improve lives using the best of technology. United with our greatest strength, our employees, we are working hard to carry out our vision to build the best-in-class gated communities. That's why all our gated communities are being built understanding the evolving lifestyle from one decade to the other.

Designed for optimum efficiency and resource allocation, we are going to implement the best technology for greater accessibility & connectivity in our gated communities.

In the future, you'll take control of your living space like never before with our smart projects!

Here is our smart approach to the future:

Intelligent Planning & Design
  • We would use Complex Systems Modelling Tools to optimize our gated community's architecture and layout
  • Balancing maximized natural light, resource allocation and energy management across all gated community
Intelligent Technology
  • We shall use smart planning technologies for optimized layout and design
  • Implement IoT (Internet of Things) that allows your appliances to “talk” to each other
  • Install ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that lets you stay connected via your mobile
  • Connect to Data, Analytics & Machine Learning which adapts to your lifestyle
Intelligent Resource Management
  • We shall take control over every facet of water management – from pressure, to consumption, to maintenance – so to predict pipe failures, manage water loss and reduce costs.
Intelligent Security & Safety
  • We shall set up smart alarms with smoke detectors, glass break sensors, and smart access systems
Intelligent Governance
  • We shall connect to online portal, for easy payments
  • Hold compliance management system for improved transparency
  • Online wallet for instant payments and reimbursements
  • Online notifications of community events
Intelligent Transport & Parking
  • We shall install sensors to detect children playing and alert incoming vehicles through digital signals
  • Build smart parking sensors
  • Implement carpooling technologies through IoT