10 Design Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Appealing.

Living rooms are usually considered the face of your home. And we all know the value of keeping it appealing and energetic. Whether you use the room for relaxation or entertainment, a living room sets the first impression and reflects the nature and style of your home. A carefully designed and curated room can do much more than just serving the purpose of casual sitting. Whether you wish to keep it warm, elegant, themed or artistic, our 10 constructive simple living room designs will surely help you make your living room charming and welcoming.


  • Play with layers

Add an instant warmth to your living room with plenty of layers. Even though the brick walls and black window frames might make the room look cold; layered rugs, throws, and pillows can do wonders to infuse the missing coziness.


  • Bring the Outdoors Inside

The living rooms featuring plants help to break the blandness of the room and add a refreshing and positive vibe to space. With so many options and designs of hanging planters, you can actually accommodate green irrespective of the size of your space.


  • Rearrange Your Furniture

Not really a unique design idea, but rearranging your furniture can help you disturb the monotony and actually spruce up the place with the existing elements. Try switching the place of your sofa or push the desk by a window and see how much improved your room looks.


  • Paint it Bright

Well, not as easy as rearranging the furniture, but paint is definitely one of the simplest and cheapest ways to change the look of your living room. A right choice of colour can immediately transform the mood and feel of your room.


  • Decorate with Books

An underrated design element, books offer a lot of potentials to enhance your living room. Not only does it invite people to get comfy but also there is something very therapeutic about a room with real books (not the ones we have on our Kindle)


  • Power of Vintage

As the coffee table is an inexcusable part of any living room, try and make it a centre of focus by choosing unusual designs that generate interest. Try and switch your usual round and square coffee tables with old steamer trunks or over-sized vintage footstools.


  • Luxe with White

Whether in the form of upholstery or decorative accents, white offers the maximum flexibility to play with the design quotient of your room. Along with bringing a plush luxe look, lighter hues also help to add the extra depth and dimension to your home.


  • Invest in Antiques

One fine piece of antique can help to bring together the look of the entire living room. Take your budget into consideration and choose the antique that best resonates with your space.


  • Eclectic: Electric

Try and mix old and new, formal and casual, neutral and bold to make a living space inviting and comfortable. If you have a contemporary neutral-toned sofa, bring a touch of tradition with custom draperies.


  • The Wall of ‘FRAMES’

Bring a museum-worthy look to your living room by designating one wall completely too random collection and arrangement of photo frames and art-pieces. Along with adding a panache, the room also conveys a sophisticated personal touch.

No matter what you decide to call it, family or living room, make sure it tells the story of your home truthfully and beautifully.


Last updated on August 21, 2017

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