Make your Kitchen Look Classy with these 3 Modular Kitchen Ideas

3 exquisite modular kitchen ideas that will add a touch of class to your kitchen.

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. Such a place in our homes needs extra care and attention to add a touch of class to our kitchens. Shaping your kitchen with modular kitchen ideas can not only add flair but also add extra functionality for your kitchen. There are many kitchen types like a parallel kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, a kitchen with an island, etc. that have different functions and usability. No matter the size and shape of the kitchen, a modular kitchen design idea can not only bring a lot more functionality but also add flair to your kitchen.

Island Kitchen
An island kitchen is designed such that there is a counter in the middle of the kitchen. Adding an island kitchen to your modular kitchen idea can be useful in many ways such as, it can act as an extra storage unit for the kitchen, it can act as an extra countertop and extra prep space, an island kitchen can be a place for you and your family to sit together and have breakfast in the kitchen itself. Some modular kitchen ideas for the island kitchen also include a sink on the island countertop so that you have extra space to wash your dishes too. The island modular kitchen idea can add extra seating space in the kitchen that will turn into a hang-out spot for your family in the kitchen itself.

U Shaped Kitchen
A U-shaped kitchen can be a perfect addition to your home if you have a medium to a big-sized kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen has countertops attached to 3 walls of the kitchen and it is better for the modular kitchen idea is to leave it as an open kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen gives you extra storage space and prep space without compromising on the total usable area of the kitchen. A U-shaped modular kitchen idea also helps you in having a convenient work triangle for the kitchen (i.e. sink, refrigerator, stove) to maintain a perfect work balance while you work in the kitchen. You can have minimal work disruption and have plenty of space for two to three people to comfortably work in the kitchen simultaneously.

L Shaped Kitchen
An L-shaped modular kitchen idea works perfectly well with small and medium-sized kitchens. Having a good work triangle for a small kitchen can be a hassle, but with L shaped modular kitchen idea, you can have a compact yet comfortable work triangle where you can access everything without needing to move much. An L-shaped kitchen idea as countertops attached to two adjacent walls makes the whole kitchen a more accessible space. Your kitchen has a corner space that is not being utilised, you can go for the L-shaped modular kitchen idea. The only downgrade from this modular kitchen idea is that it is not suitable for big kitchens ad all the appliances will be more spread out and it will be difficult for you to reach them with ease.

Aparna Constructions’ apartments are equipped with some of the best modular kitchen ideas that will leave you in awe. You get the best functionality, the best work triangle, spacious, and has extra storage space so that you can enjoy your favourite meal after going to the trouble of preparing it. To know more about Aparna Constructions, contact us.

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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