3 Festive Ways To Decor Your Home In The Best Way Possible!

The spirit of India is in its festivals. It provides joy, vigor, a fresh start, and the warmth of being at home with your loved ones. Decorating your home for holidays like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, and Diwali may very well be enjoyable and offer the much-needed relief from the melancholy that has been engulfing us over the past few months. Here are some festive decor ideas for your home to enhance it for the holiday season.

  1. Holiday season lighting for the home: You can utilize fairy lights in the living room. Along with the side table, they can be set against the wall or hung there. You can use the scented candle in many areas of the house because candles are a lovely addition to holiday decorations. Candles that are scented fill your space with a beautiful aroma. The elegance of your property can be enhanced by diyas. Diyas can be creatively arranged for Diwali and made to float in a bowl of water with lovely flower petals.
  2. Colors and more colors: Festive time is the ideal season of the year to decorate your living room with color. You can use handcrafted lanterns in the living room that are strung over a wall in various colors. The center of the ceiling can be used to hang a gorgeous homemade chandelier for home decor that complements the lovely and bright festive theme and can be made with different colored paper and glossy ribbons. 
  3. Fresh flowers: Try using simple yet exquisite flowers to decorate your pooja room at home. It can be just by decorating it with varieties of flowers. Additionally, you can coordinate the flower color scheme with the aesthetics of your home’s interior. You can also use flower petals to adorn your rangolis and aarti thalis.

We wish you luck getting into the holiday spirit and beautifying your home with these festive home decor. To decorate your ideal home, check out Aparna Zenon and Aparna Kanopy YelloBells before the next festive season. 


Last updated on July 21, 2022

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