3 Interior design ideas for your living room

Your living room is the first and most used room in the house. As it is the living room that people see first, making it look more beautiful and impressive is very important. Today there are many creative DIY ways to give a new look to your living room without spending much from your pocket.


Bring a touch of ‘Indianness’ :

Indian interior design is one of the most exotic and sophisticated décor styles to work with. Bright and vibrant colours are the highlight of Indian living room designs. As most Indian living rooms are accessorized with traditional wooden furniture, it is ideal to give a warm paint or colour to the living room, which perfectly matches the living room aesthetics. You can mix and match with yellow and pink carpets or go for startling blues and greens accessorized with pillows and cushions. Today, many households are interested in the modern and contemporary style of living room ideas. For this, you can go for neutral-coloured wall paint along with white shaded furniture and pots. With minimal furniture and items, you can make the living room look more modern. Placing pots and indoor succulents in the living room is also an effective way of adding freshness to the room.


Paintings that bring life:

One of the most tested and worked interior design ideas for your living room is to incorporate lively paintings. As the living room is the only place where guests spend much of their time, it is ideal to keep handcrafted arts and vintage paintings to maintain the ethnicity of the room. Look for the contrast colour options that suit with your wall paint. Some people are keen on keeping paintings that depict folk art. Larger paintings can be placed as centrepieces. But if you have much smaller paint frames, you can create a gallery wall, collaging the frames. The use of unique and big statue pieces in the corner of the living room is another popular choice of designing your living room. The statue can be related to one’s religious idols or something of metal type, terracotta, or stone-type.


Stylizing the shelf:

Another common ingredient of an Indian living room design is the wooden shelf where all the showcase items are placed. Gone are those days of stuffing all the collectables on the shelf. Creating a simple and minimalistic shelf with fewer items or placing just 2-3 showcase items or indoor organic plants in a wooden/glass slab gives a sleek look. You can also try stacking books to create a vignette.



A living room design is incomplete unless you have used the perfect lighting to create that cozy ambience. Ambient lightings are trending these days, while the demand for hanging chandeliers and table lamps have also not diminished. But instead, if you are thinking of investing in an apartment with modern accessories and interiors in a city like Bengaluru or Hyderabad, check out properties by Aparna Constructions.

Last updated on December 6, 2020

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