5 easy hacks to make your home look more spacious

After you’ve got your dream home, the next thing that comes to mind is to do it up in a certain way. If your home space is huge, then half the job is already done, since it’s easier to take that to task. But in case your rooms are small, it does get difficult to decorate and design.

Today, space crunch is a common problem, since most apartments are compact. Fret not, we have certain hacks for you that will help your home look way more spacious than it is!


Here are a few tips to keep in mind while decorating a small home space:


1) Choose light colours

This is something that most of us have heard time and again! Dark colours tend to make a space look more crunched and confined. Instead, if you opt for light colours in small rooms, the space will look way bigger than it actually is! This is because light colours reflect more light and in turn, make the space appear larger. You could opt for colours such as light blue, pink and other pastels. There’s no dearth of options at all!


2) Minimal is in

Be it furniture or home accessories, don’t go overboard when you decorate your small home space. If it’s a small bedroom, then a single table instead of two makes more sense than cluttering all the space you have got. Also, opt for furniture that saves space; there are several options available in the market today! Try and keep only the bare minimum necessities and leave as much free floor space as possible.

3) Go for low seating

Most people don’t know this trick, but it is extremely useful! Try and invest in a nice bean bag or low-floor seating to do up your home space. Of course, it gives a nice bohemian vibe and at the same time, makes your home space appear larger. Besides, you could opt for futons instead of regular beds – they are comfortable too! Apart from effectively utilising the space, it will also make your home look very cool!


4) Create an illusion

In case you have certain bare walls and you want to decorate them, go for a mirror. Today, there are several options available, so you can opt for a simple one or even embellished if it suits your taste. Mirrors create an illusion of a bigger room, since they reflect light. If they are placed correctly and at the right angle, they can also create visual height or depth. Use a floor to ceiling mirror or a similar option to make your home space look more spacious!


5) Go for drapes

Everyone doesn’t have luxurious French windows in their house, but one can always create an illusion of having them by going for drapes! Drapes impart visual height to your room and make it appear bigger than it actually is! Keep in mind that the drapes drop down from the ceiling but end a little above the floor.


Apart from these hacks, you can also decorate your home space with artwork to lend some character and add depth to your space.

All these hacks are easy to follow and can be done without much effort! Go all out and decorate your space. After all, it’s your own!

Last updated on March 27, 2019

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